Sorry, Everyone, But a ‘Hot Gynecologist’ Is My Worst Nightmare

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Manuel Rico is probably the most beautiful man in Concepción, Chile. But there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking – the 2010 Spanish Beauty King is now studying gynecology. Though he isn’t even out of medical school yet – I repeat, he isn’t even out of medical school yet – local women are already lining up to become his patients. Sorry, Manuel, but I’m not letting you anywhere near my vagina.

Hot dermatologist? You can touch my skin all day, girl. Hot podiatrist? A little weird, maybe, but I’m game. But a pelvic exam is not sexy. It is the opposite of sexy. I’m a straight lady, and I’ve been examined by both male and female OB-GYNs. I don’t mind who’s checking out my parts as long as he or she is totally unsensual and unseductive in his or her self-presentation. The stirrups and speculum are enough of a Ludovico technique as it is – please, please, please do not make me think about sex while you’re smearing my paps (technical term, guys).

Your doctor is not your boyfriend. Manuel Rico is a certified ladybusinessman, the objective authority figure who you’re supposed to show all your unsightly bumps and mysterious discharges. Are you really prepared to look him right in the cheekbones and tell him about the persistent rash on your labia?


By the way, that’s an erupción en los labios, in case your handy Spanish-English phrasebook missed that one.

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