Spotify ‘Playlusts’ Offer Free Music in Exchange for Safe-Sex

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Need an incentive to have safe sex besides staving off pregancy and STDs? How about music? Lifebeat, an anti-AIDs non-profit has partnered with Spotify and a marketing agency called Wing to bring you the “Playlust.” Playlust, as you have probably deduced, is a clever little portmanteau of “lust” and “playlist” — i.e. a seductive playlist to listen to while getting busy. The program, aimed at teens and young adults, involves giving out free condoms that include a code which allows you to access the playlists without commercial interruption.

“A few years ago, you might do a traditional ad campaign about using condoms,” Favio Ucedo, Wing’s chief creative officer, told Mashable, “But there are too many pitches and messages aimed at millennials. You have to add value.” Ucedo and the team at Wing compiled a  list of their favorite bedroom songs and culled the “playlusts” from those selections. Each “playlust” (I’m not stopping!) has a catchy-cheesy title. Some examples: “My Roommate Isn’t Home,” “Don’t Expect Breakfast,” and “Rock Me Tender” (ew).

Now, I’m all for a good marketing campaign, especially when it encourages the youngs to have safe sex and acknowledges that said youngs will not stop having sex. But as far as the musical selections go, well, it’s a mixed bag. Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Ray, and Jack White are A-plus Millennial sexy-time jams, however I’m unsure of why they were so liberal with the Marvin Gaye. This is not a tender make out session in your parents basement, circa-1973.

The campaign, also called “Sex with no ads and no HIV” is currently restricted to the New York City area, where you can find the condoms at various music venues and concerts. Music venues are the perfect place to give out free condoms because, as the “playlusts” illustrate, beats and boning go together like bees and honey.