Study Finds Sports Fans Celebrate Big Wins by Making Babies

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Young football supporters sitting on a modern sofa

For some, chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac. For others, it’s oysters and champagne. For Catalonians, it’s an arena full of ecstatic soccer football soccer? football? football fans, barely recognizable as human beneath an inch-thick layer of facepaint. After FC Barcelona midfielder Andrés Iniesta scored an improbable, last-minute goal to get the team into the May 2009 UEFA Champions League final, the Catalan region of Spain saw a 16 percent rise in births in February 2010 (i.e., nine months later), as well as an 11 percent spike that March, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal.

Supposed regional baby booms regularly make the news, only to be debunked later – the fictitious post-9/11 boom, for instance, or the apocryphal reproductive frenzy believed to have followed the 1965 New York blackout. But Iniesta’s vicarious insemination of the ladies of Barça is the real, scientifically verifiable deal. (Then again, back in February 2010, the Spanish media reported Catalonia saw a 45 percent surge in births, so go figure.)

Will the so-called “Iniesta generation” grow up to simultaneously conceive miniature football fanatics of their own? Not necessarily. In fact, Spain’s birth rates declined later in 2010, though the country actually won the World Cup in December 2009. Perhaps it takes a game with a particularly dramatic climax to get us to, you know, climax – or maybe the good people of Barcelona just happened to be particularly horny on May 6.

If you’d prefer that your football-inspired fornication not result in any babies (and you’re a fan of Portugal’s S.L. Benfica), you can now show off your team pride where it really counts: on your dick.


Images via Veer and The Logan Reporter