Surgeons Named the Sexiest Type of Doctor, ‘Duh’ Replies the World

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Thanks to a recent survey by, a dating site that has dedicated itself “for singles in uniform & for those who like them,” it is confirmed that surgeons are the most attractive type of doctors. No shit. As reported in Time1,000 men and women polled with 36 percent of women and 26 percent of men picking surgeon as the most datable type of medical professional.

It’s not confirmed whether any of these participants have actually dated a surgeon, or a hospital receptionist for that matter, so we’re forced to speculate at why surgeons are so damn attractive. Can we credit McDreamy’s salt and pepper locks or McSteamy’s scrub-bulging biceps? (The answer is yes.) Or maybe it’s the money they make and the imploring of Jewish mothers everywhere to marry them.

In a more general finding from the survey, 89 percent of all participants answered, “Hell Yes” to finding doctors hot in general. Perhaps in addition to sex appeal, they’re crediting the advanced intellect of physicians. Even with a medical media empire, Dr. Oz still performs 100 heart surgeries a year to stay grounded. CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sonjay Gupta traveled to tsunami-ravaged Japan to help and report on the devastation, winning two Emmy awards. The results are starting to make more and more sense. 

The article also goes on to suggest that those of us who don’t have a M.D. in Surgery try wearing white coats to channel the physical appeal of a medical professional. That’s right, if you’re barista serving up seasonal inspired beverages daily and looking to make a little magic happen in the workplace, just dress like the Pope. Survey says it works every time.

[h/t Time]
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