The 5 Women You Date in Your 20s as Illustrated by ‘Game of Thrones’

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GofT lady collage

Within the adventure of dating in one’s 20s, some of the craziest stories have come from my male friends. It seems as though they’ll try anything once, or if the sex is good enough, they’ll try it again and again and again. As I wrote last week, women go through some questionable relationships as well. There are always two sides to a story so here are the five ladies you date in your 20s as illustrated by Game of Thrones. Dating any of these women might get you dismembered, but it’ll be a great story if you survive.

The Out of Your League Girl – Daenerys Targaryen

On a night out she rolls with an army and dragons. She’s the girl who’s destined to rule as CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the queenpin of organic farming, but either way you know she’s running the show. This relationship ends because for one thing, you’re definitely not the only man in love with her. The other reason this will never work out is she’s the kind of girl who unleashes fiery mayhem on a bar leaving no one unscathed. Eat your heart out!


The Cool Girl – Ygritte

You met on your year abroad to “find yourself.” She’s down to roll around naked in the mud, bathe nude in the moonlight, and, you know, take your virginity. She’s the friend with benefits who can put you to shame playing Halo, which is awesome. But eventually you’ll leave and all that “coolness” may get you shot.


The She-Demon – Cersei Lannister

She’s evil. Your friends, especially your female friends, hate her. However, the sex is so life-changing you keep postponing the breakup. She’s morally conservative and self-serving in public, but that only means behind closed doors she’s an absolute titan. And the shit that comes out of her mouth would make the Pope need re-baptizing. The relationship will end, but only because she decides it’s time to wield her power elsewhere. Also, she has some serious family issues.

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cersei 3 cersei 6

The Lock It Down Girl – Shae

While crawling out from under your quarterlife crisis, you found each other. She’s aware of her own baggage and therefore can empathize with yours. She’s loyal because she’s chooses to be, not because of societal pressure or religious guilt. She’s the chick you try to marry and regret it if you don’t, regardless if your dastardly father disapproves.


The Bachelor Party Girl – Melisandre

That one time you didn’t wear a condom.