The Ultimate Guide to Sex: When, Where, and How to Do It Better

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex,

and then some.


15 (Hilarious, Kind Of Sad, But Also True) Signs It’s Time To Get Laid
“When Should I Have Sex?”: A Real And Honest Answer
The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex: A Handy Guide
10 Activities That Will Get You and Your Partner in Bed
How To Have Sex On Halloween: 7 Essential Tips
9 Signs that You’re Not Ready For Post-Breakup Sex
• What It’s Like to Have Sex Every Day For a Year



Sex In Restaurant Bathrooms On The Rise
What It’s Really Like To Have Sex On The Beach
Most Of You Don’t Care Where You Have Sex
The Best Car In The World To Have Sex In
Philadelphians Are Having The Best Sex In America
Feeling Nostalgic for Your Teens? 5 Tips for Hooking Up In a Car
Is Your Bedroom Ready for Action? Sex it Up in 5 Steps
“Your Place or Mine?” The Pros and Cons of Where to Spend the Night
The 10 Most Popular Places to Have Sex In Public
The 5 Rules of Taxicab Sex Etiquette
• You Can Now Legally Have Sex In a Box in Switzerland


5 Ways To Tell That It’s Time To Stop Sleeping With Your Ex
Who To Sleep With At A Wedding, In Order Of Best To Worst Idea
20 Ways To Tell You’re Banging A Hipster
The Case For Polyamory
Is Sex With Crazy Guys Just… Better?
What To Do—and Not Do—After You Hook Up with Your Cute Coworker


Another Day, Another Silly Penis Study
Women, We Should Maybe Be Nicer About Penises
It’s Time to End the ‘Men Always Want Sex’ Myth
Heavier Guys Have More Problems Having Sex, Says Science
The Real Benefits of Getting Yourself Off Before A Date
Do Men Cheat To Impress Other Men?
10 Things She’s Secretly Thinking About Your Penis
What to Do If Your Boyfriend Wants Sex Less Than You Do
12 Ways To Give His Boys Some Love


Women’s Viagra Will Lead to ‘Crazed Infidelity Binges’ & ‘Female Excesses’ (Says Science)
Are We Headed Toward a Bikini Waxing Backlash?
Testosterone Makes Women Masturbate In Place of Sex, Says Science
Women Are Apparently Most Seductive at the Age Of…
5 Signs She’s Faking An Orgasm
This Guy Says He Found The Actual G Spot
Bikes Might Be Bad for Women’s Sexual Health, Says Science


We Don’t Know How to Use Condoms Correctly, Says Science
I Took the Male Birth Control Pledge. Will You?
Pop Quiz: When It Comes to The Morning-After Pill, What’s The Guy’s Role?
Who Should Be Responsible For Carrying Condoms? You.
Daft Punk Helps You ‘Get Lucky’ With New Condoms
Why Are So Many Men Suddenly Buying Magnum Condoms?
“Do or Do Not. There Is No Try”: Amazing Star Wars Condoms
Good News For Guys Who “Don’t Like Wearing Condoms”


5 Easy Ways To Set Yourself Up For Better Sex
How To Stop Overthinking Sex
9 Things Guys Find Sexy About You That Have Nothing To Do With How You Look
7 Tips For Initiating Sex With Dignity
8 Unexpectedly Sexy Things About Guys
10 Things Women Ask Themselves Before Sex
Sex Diaries: How I Became The Man-Eating Vixen I’ve Always Wanted To Be


Why You Should Shh! When Your Partner Goes Down On You
13 Things Your Blow Job Is Missing
6 Ways To Have Mindblowing Sex (Without Having Intercourse)
In Case You Weren’t Aware, Today Is Steak and BJ Day
Is Oral Sex “Sex”? Of Course! Also, Not Really.


A YES! Position For Sex On The Couch
6 Tips For Great Sex If He Is Way Too Well Endowed
The Best Position for Sex in the Pool
10 Tips For Non-Awkward 69-ing
If You Must: 6 Rules For Sex On A Plane
The Best Position for Shower Sex
The Best Sex Position If You’re Tired
15 Sex Positions You Can Look Forward to When You’re Old and Married
10 Workout Moves That Are Also Sex Moves
What Your Favorite Sex Position REALLY Says About You


PSA of the Day: Donuts Can Be Pleasure Props
Vibrator In Your Cereal!
Your Sheets Might Be Ruining Your Sex Life.
The 10 Most Expensive Ways to Get Off
It’s Great to Be Green: 10 Eco-Friendly Sex Toys & Products
7 Reasons Why Men Aren’t Intimidated By Vibrators
The Best Mattresses For Sex: An Analysis


The Science Behind Pillow Talk: Why Post-Sex Chats Boost Intimacy
Sex Etiquette: Making The Bed, And Other Post-Hookup Gestures
13 Things To Do After Sex Besides Sleeping Or Cuddling
10 More Things Not To Say To A Guy After Sex
Sexy Morning-After Wedding Photography: Creepy Or Awesome?
And The One Thing Guys Actually Want To Do After Sex Is…


5 Easy Ways To Be Better At Sex
“How Do I Ask for What I Want in Bed?”
10 Ways To REALLY Get A Girl In Bed
10 Ways Feminism Is Great for Your Sex Life
Friday Afternoon Sex Tips
The 5 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life
7 Tips For Improving Your Sex Life From Dr. Ruth
How Can I Dispose of Unwanted Sex Toys Without Trashing the Planet?
Give Him The Best Orgasm of His Life: 6 Practical Tips From a Real Guy
The One Thing We Can All Do For Immediately Hotter Sex, Says Science


Can You Be Friends With Benefits? A Flowchart
The 9 Rules of Booty Call Etiquette
Everything We’ve Ever Written About Being Friends With Benefits
Poll: Can “Friends With Benefits” Work?
20 Signs Your Booty Call Is Turning Into An Actual Relationship


Sex Etiquette: 10 Things Not to Do in the Bedroom
Why Your Sex Life Isn’t As Fantastic As You Think It Should Be
Sex Against the Odds: 7 Ways to Recover from a Mood-Killing Moment
‘Did I Forget to Take the Magical Relationship Pill?’ + ‘He’s Too Quiet During Sex’
Can an Amazing Ex-Lover Ruin You for Future Sex?
The 10 Worst Things You Can Do During Sex
Sexual Pet Peeve: You Can Leave Your Hat On… But Not Your Socks.
Dating Don’ts: 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Man In Bed


11 Ways To Be Terrible At Sex
When It Comes to Bad Sex, It’s 3 Strikes and You’re Out
15 Common Sex Problems (& How to Fix Them)
23 Bad Sex Moves
5 New and Exciting Ways to be Bad in Bed
13 Signs He’s A Selfish Lover
5 Bad Habits Women Have In Bed
10 Examples Of Poor Sex Etiquette
6 Times We Were Awkwardly Interrupted During Sex


The True Penis Fracture Story That Is Also A Love Story And A Drama
9 Weird Sexual Phobias
Account Of Sex With Hugh Hefner = Most Horrifying Description Of Sex, Ever. (Ever!)/
10 Horrifying Sex Injuries: Swallowing Condoms? Really?


Sexting 101: Everything You Wanted to Know, But Have Too Much Integrity to Ask
11 Pretty Ridiculous Sexts Guys Actually Like
Sex Diaries: About That Time I Accidentally Sexted For Five Hours
So, You Snooped & Found Naked Pics of Your Partner’s Ex. Now What?
Survey Says: It’s Very Possible That Your Mom or Grandma Has Sexted
8 Things About Sexting That Actually Turn Women On
If You’re Going to Join The 27% Of Men Who Take Naked Pictures Of Themselves, Follow These Tips


10 Common Sex Dreams And What They Mean
11 WTF Sex Dreams And What They Actually Mean
Decode Your Erotic Dream: Meanings Behind the Most Common Fantasies
5 Sexual Role Play Scenarios That Aren’t Played Out
For The Insanely Kinky: 5 Movie Sex Scenes To Reenact


Real Sex vs. Porn Sex: You’ll Never Look At Your Food the Same Way Again
How ‘Pornified’ Is Your Sex Life?
Women And Men Are Equal Because We All Watch Porn
Put Down The Man Mag and Just Have Sex Already
The Difference Between the Sex in ‘Girls’ and the Sex in Porn
8 Perks To Dating A Porn Star
• Guess Which State Is the Most Addicted to Porn…


Poll Results: Men Are (Slightly) More Concerned Than Women About Being Promiscuous
Women Who Have Slept With Ten Or More Partners Are Promiscuous
9 Completely Different Opinions On How Many Sex Partners A Woman “Should” Have
Is It Unreasonable That Hugh Hefner Has Slept With 1,000 Women? We Do the Math


Poll Results: More People Have Had Amazing One Night Stands Than Not
Should You Ever Have Sex on a First Date?
8 Good Reasons To Have A One-Night Stand
Is the “Perfect One Night Stand” Impossible?
21 Signs Your One Night Stand Was Awesome


6 Ways To End A Sex Drought
10 WTF, Slightly NSFW Photos From The Air Sex Championships
The True Story of a 30 Year-Old Attractive and Socially Normal Virgin
So You’re In Love With an Adult Virgin.
Please Don’t Make Fun Of Your Virgin Friends
None Is The Loneliest Number
So, Whose Solodex Are YOU In?


Teledildonics 101: Creating Apps That Aim to Please
An Etiquette Guide to Remote-Control Sex Toys
New Product Makes Fellatio “Taste Like A Mud Slide”
8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Robots
How Do We Feel About This “Checking In to Using a Condom” Thing?
Why on Earth Would Anyone Wear a Dress That Broadcasts When You’re Aroused?
Is Cyber Sex Cheating?


How Much Sex Do We Want? Whatever’s More than Our Neighbors
Will Advances in Neuroscience Change the Way We Have Sex?
Sex Can Make You Smarter? Um, Not Exactly.
Why an Attractive Voice Means a Good Mate: The Science of Sex
Having Make-up Sex Is Basically the Same as Doing Coke, Says Science
So You Think You’re a Sex Addict? Not So Fast, Says Science
Fatty, Delicious Foods Might Lower Your Sperm Count, Says Science
Cheaters Less Likely To Use Protection, Says Science
Noisy Sex Is Usually Fake, Says Science
Do You Have The Slut Gene? (It Exists!)
Neurotic? Here’s Some Good & Bad News About Your Love Life
How Many Calories Can You Burn Having Sex? A Detailed List

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