These NYC Neighborhoods Are Having The Most Sex

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If I asked a New Yorker where I could get the best pork soup dumplings, they’d send me to Chinatown. Or the most life-changing thin crust pizza? I’d be on a train to Brooklyn. But if I asked the average Manhattanite which neighborhood  to trek to for a string of sweaty, passionate nights with a rotation of new sex partners, would they know well enough to send me to East Harlem? Or Chelsea? Or Washington Heights?

Using data from the 2012 NYC Community Health Survey, we created this handy map of NYC neighborhoods that enjoy a healthy dose of promiscuity. The areas in red are where the highest percentage of the population has boned three or more people in the last year. Hello, Rockaways. Glad to see you’re recovering.

Find your neighborhood and discover how frisky your neighbors are. Think of this as the dirty Time Out guide you never had.

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By neighborhood: East Harlem (19.6%), Northeast Bronx (13.9%), Washington Heights (13.8%),  Flushing (12.4%), Staten Island (12.2%), Bed Stuy/Crown Heights (12.3%), The Rockaways (11.8%), Chelsea/Greenwich Village (11.6%), West Queens (10.3%), Long Island City/Astoria (10.1%), Upper East Side (9.8%), Kingsbridge (9.7%), Williamsburg/Bushwick (9.5%), The South Bronx (9.3%), Union Square/ Lower Manhattan (8.9%), Canarsie (8.3%), Flatbush (7.7%), Coney Island (7.5%), Central Harlem (5.9%), Southwest Queens (5.7%), Downtown Brooklyn/Heights/Slope (5.6%), Upper West Side (5.5%), Bronx Park (5.2%), Jamaica (4.9%), Bay Ridge (4.15), Forest Hills (3.9%), Littleneck (2.7%), East New York (2.4%), Pelham (1.8%).


Infographic by Maryann Ko