This Guy Is Selling One of His Testicles for $35,000

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Man crotch in cutoffs

Mark Parisi is a professional human guinea pig. Not the niche costumed sex worker kind, the medical experiment kind. The Las Vegas resident makes his living as a subject in clinical trials, inviting scientists to flatline his heart, expose him to the Ebola virus, and otherwise convert his body into laboratory nightmare fuel for cash.

Now, Parisi plans to “donate” one of his testicles in the name of science (and money). He’ll leave the hospital with an artificial nut and $35,000 for his trouble.

In case you needed more proof that reality television is the root of all that is disturbing in the world, Parisi and his gonads will appear in an upcoming episode of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates. If he were really extreme, wouldn’t he bail on both balls?

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