What It’s Like to Have Sex Every Day For a Year

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sheetsHere’s how Brittany Gibbons got over her anxieties about sex: she vowed to have sex every single day for a year.

This is the same way I got over my fear of eating oysters and driving in the snow. You just make yourself do it until you don’t notice it feels like mucus or like you don’t know how to control a motor vehicle. You make yourself do it until it becomes a place of comfort and safety. You make yourself do it until suddenly, you love it.

While just keep having sex until you enjoy it! may seem bleak, the truth is, lots of women have intense insecurities about sex (insecurities that maybe have more to do with them than their partners, or the act itself), and by forcing herself to just do it, Gibbons was able to, in her words, get her brain to ‘stop being an asshole’ every time she took her clothes off.

Worthy experiment, interesting read.

[What Happened When I Had Sex Every Day for a Year]

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