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If You Must Take Selfies, Use This Hilariously Accurate Selfie Help Book

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selfiehelpWPI know you like to publicly shame people who take seemingly self-absorbed selfies on their smartphones, then broadly share their quickly-snapped duck faces to the world via social media. And it’s completely understandable that a steady stream of narcissism is detestable, but the reality is the power of selfies goes far beyond vanity.

Sometimes, being confident in your appearance — or at least today’s hot sweater/scarf combination — is worthy of documentation. And don’t even try contest the idea that something cool you recently saw or did isn’t worthy of self-snapped proof. So the geniuses over at Photojojo have created the Photojojo Institute for Selfie Studies, a collection of their findings on the best selfie-snapping techniques, with the hope of turning you into a true master of the selfigraphical arts.

The Selfie Help Book is broken down into three categories:

selfie1_1Chapter One: Selfie Classic

Arm placement is the main key to taking the perfect solo selfie. You can use these tips for stretching out your arm to prove you met Amy Poehler in line at the East Village Dunkin’ Donuts, or verify today’s lipstick choice before strutting into your office.


selfie2_1Chapter Two: The Group Selfie

Before you try to attempt your own version of Ellen DeGeneres’ infamous Oscars selfie (the most retweeted photo of all time), check out this chapter for the best apps and gadgets for making sure your posse’s pic is perfect.


selfie3_1aChapter Three: Extreme Selfies

Once you’ve mastered the quick clicks of solo and group selfies, the Selfie Help Book would like to ask you, “Would you selfie in a box? Would you selfie with a fox?” If you answered yes, you’re ready to up your game with really awesome tricks for X-selfies guaranteed to bring in some serious “likes.”