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San Francisco is Suing Social Network MeetMe to Stop Sex Predators

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The social network MeetMe describes itself as a place “where new friends meet.” The city of San Francisco describes MeetMe as a place where way too many sexual predators are scoping out teenage girls to sext with. So the city is suing MeetMe, claiming there have been “dozens” of cases across the country in which minors on MeetMe have become victims of sexual predators.

The lawsuit essentially says MeetMe is basically doing half the legwork for sexual predators lurking around the site by unlawfully providing private information like photos, geolocations, and full names of other MeetMe users without their consent. This, of course, makes it significantly easier for predators to find and stalk potential victims in person. The City Attorney is seeking a court order to stop MeetMe from volunteering these user details, as well as $2,500 in damages for each violation within California.

Although MeetMe hasn’t commented specifically on the lawsuit, it says it compares user information against a sex-offender registry. Of course, more protection is always better when it comes to online social networks — perhaps this incident will force MeetMe to be more forthcoming about just what user information it can and can’t make public on the site.