This Scientist Used Tinder in the Arctic, and It Actually Worked

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The Thing

For those trying to use location-based dating app Tinder in rural areas, you’re going to be doing a lot more swiping right because the pickings are slim. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, including places like Antarctica.

As told to New York, one brave (if not a little bored) researcher took to Tinder to try and find some Beyond-the-Wall pootie tang. Using “precious” Internet access, the lil horndog had to expand his range well beyond what I’d call typical (if they’re more than 900 feet away, it ain’t happening – am I right?) to find his lady love.

It turned out she was camping in the wilderness a mere 70 miles away in a snow-barren region called the Dry Valleys. When she popped up and the two hit it off — as much as you can when you’re researching in a colder-than-Hell-the-day-after-FiftyShades-of Grey-wins-a-Pulitzer desert.

So far, they’ve only had a chance to hang out for less than a day because the female part of this coupling had to get back to Antarctica for, you know, work. Our Tinder-loving science hero is optimistic though. He admits that he hasn’t hooked up yet, but I’m sure talking about it with a global audience can only improve his chances.

As for whether or not this relationship will work out, who’s to say? All I know is that I’m rooting for you horny scientist, even if you’re putting your own beaker before what I can only assume is vital research. Hopefully soon they shall go forth and make those valleys ashamed to have ever called themselves dry!