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There Are 10 Ways Women Can Score A One-Night-Stand, Says Science

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Scientists are always so serious and science-y. Just kidding! This time, they came up with a list of tips on how women can have one-night-stands, based upon new research that states that men find it desirable when women are “sexually exploitable.” Apparently, women are hardwired to view males unlikely to help them raise offspring and survive as scrubby, bad mates. But women with lower standards! Those are the ones men have adapted to become attracted to. And who are these women with lower standards? They’re the ones who are sleepy, drunk, and/or unintelligent.

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So there you have it. Science says do this:

1. Look immature. (Remember, the men were rating photos of women taken from the Internet, so they had no way of telling if a particular woman was actually immature. She just had to look it. Pigtails, maybe? Pointing at a butt and laughing?

2. Look drunk.

3. Look reckless.

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4. Look like you have slutty friends.

5. Look like you are at a party.

6. Look sleepy.

7. Look like you are touching your breast.

8. Look alone.

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9. Look like you are at a wedding.

10. Look over your shoulder.

Writes Gawker, “The ultimate catch, then, would be a woman in the process of falling asleep, alone, at a wedding, with her head faced over her shoulder and a handful of breast (either her own, or a slutty friend’s).”

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