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Sex is a huge part of dating. Whether you are just about to lose your V-plates, in the thick of your single journey, recently divorced or sleeping around –’s Singles In America survey has answered every question (or little insecurity) you may have.

Are you a millennial?

In our digital dating world, it is unsurprising that single millennials are 165% more likely to have filmed themselves having sex. It is even more unsurprising that 236% are more likely to be totally drunk for the first hook-up. (Guilty!) A sex-tape adventure can bring you and your partner closer together, while appealing to your innate millennial intrigue and voyeurism — just be careful that you trust who you are with, and keep it under lock and key!

Are you a baby boomer?

Let’s talk to the baby boomers – the senior single, ready for some hunky dory loving. First things first, go on holiday! Baby boomers are 118% more likely to have a one-night stand on vacation. Otherwise, think about expanding your sexual horizons a little… 53% of baby boomers are more likely to have a threesome. Stop it with your bad selves!

Are you a virgin?

Before you have sex for the first time, you are busting to lose your virginity. The thing is, no one really cares about it except for you – you are not the last untouched human on earth! Wait until the time is right, and you feel comfortable with the person you choose to pop that cherry with. 44% of singles in 2016 lost their V-Plates by 18-years-old, while 75% lost them by 21-years-old — there is no rush!

Do you like casual sex?

There is a refreshing, fun-loving ambiguity to having casual sex: 46% of singles have had a friends with benefits relationship. One night stands can always develop to something more – with 25% of singles turning a one-night stand into a relationship (you go, glen coco!) 50% of singles have had 6 or less sexual partners, and 75% of singles have had less than 15 sexual partners.

Are you stuck in a routine?

When you’re having good sex, being comfortable is key. There is such a thing as being too comfortable though, and falling into a boring routine is easy. No matter how much amazing sex you have when you first get together – it’s important to keep the fire alive! 16% of women are open to making a sex tape, while 48% of men have had sex in public — spice it up!

For the sixth year in a row have surveyed over 5000 singles across the United States to let us all in on the do’s and don’ts of single life in 2016. Check back here for more do’s and don’ts from, and see here for full survey results of Singles In America.