A Simple Trick for How to Wear High Heels Without Killing Your Feet

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High heels are beautiful. Also, though, high heels are miserable and painful and generally incapacitating and the worst part about being female except for for possibly gender discrimination and wide-spread inequality. But! According to fitness expert and general foot-sage Jill Miller, you can wear high heels with minimal pain.

The secret, she tells Ami Desai on the new “OWN Show” web series, is a little TLC and a tennis ball. High heels compress your feet and make you hurt, says Miller. So what you need to do is decompress them. Here’s how:

“One thing you can do is get a squishy ball like a yoga tune-up ball or a tennis ball or racquetball — something that has give and squish, not something hard. You can place it underneath the arch of your foot or anywhere on the underside of your foot and simply move your foot from side to side. It’s like you’re trying to spread the ball apart.”

And if you do it right, you may not even need this medical-grade anesthetic heel spray! Here she is, explaining it all:

[h/t Huffington Post]