The Last Single Girl in the Bible Belt: What Saturdays Look Like When You’re Single

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Sometimes the weekends of a singleton are filled up with plans and friends. Then there’s the other 51 weeks of the year when Saturday looks like this:

7:30 am – Wake up with an ambitious attitude in the hopes of conquering everything that’s been put off for the past month.

7:40 am – Realize that nobody will recognize your productiveness and immediately go back to bed.

9:45 am – Awaken for the second time and coax yourself into trading pajama pants for jeans.

9:50 am – Decide jeans aren’t slimming and put on Spanx, tights, and a skirt. Go to coffee shop with a pretentious book to impress any knowledgeable male there.

10:45 am – Begin to get hungry and crave something that requires no effort on your part. Text as many friends as possible to get brunch.

11:00 am – Leave coffee shop in anger that no friends have responded to your text yet. Begin formulating ideas of the fun they are having without you.

11:10 am – Check Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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11:15 am – Still no texts. Decide to go on a diet.

Noon – Opt to start diet on Monday and order a pizza as one last hoorah.

1 pm – Receive text from friend apologizing for not responding about brunch earlier because she was “running errands with the husband.”

2:30 pm – Put in The Holiday. Begin wondering if you’re more of a Kate or a Cameron.

2:45 pm – Check Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

3:30 pm – Start a Tumblr dedicated to quoting romantic comedies.

4 pm – Respond to text with a passive aggressive “It’s OK” and vow to never run errands or speak to married people again.

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4:15 pm – Movie ends. So does your hope of ever finding a significant other.

4:20 pm – Check Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

4:45 pm – Phone rings for first time today. It’s your mom, giver of all good pep talks.

5 pm – Try to decide on a healthy snack and end up choosing Swedish Fish. (They’re fat free!)

5:10 pm – Check Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

5:15 pm – Check bank account and make a decision to treat yourself. Head for the mall.

5:30 pm – Visit Anthropologie. Look at lots of clothes and are reminded you have more of a Gap budget.

5:45 pm – Realize you don’t feel like trying on any clothes and settle for a treat from Starbucks.

6 pm – Receive a text from a friend asking you go to out around 10 pm. Elation ensues. Somebody loves you!

7 pm – Begin getting ready to go out by taking a long shower, even sparing the time to shave your legs.

7:30 pm – Apply makeup, using all of your good stuff.

8 pm – Dry your hair and tease it up because nobody likes bland hair.

8:30 pm – Start choosing an outfit.

9 pm – Come to the conclusion that you have nothing to wear and can no longer go out. Tears containing wasted makeup stream down your face and onto your silky legs.

9:05 pm – Text your friend to tell her you’re feeling sick and can’t come out tonight, hoping she doesn’t ask what kind of illness you’ve developed.

9:30 pm – Begin picking up every piece of clothing that was flung from your closet and organizing it. Notice you don’t feel like doing that and go to the TV instead.

9:35 pm – Find an episode of Gossip Girl to watch. It’s the one show you can actually relate to.

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10 pm – Check Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

10:05 pm – Cut the lights out, it’s time to sleep.

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Courtney is one of the last single girls in the Bible Belt. She blogs about it here, and you can follow her on Twitter here.