A New App Wants to Help Chinese Singles Find Love on the Subway

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train station, Hong KongA new app called Zhantai wants to help Chinese commuters find love on the subway. Which makes sense: as every one knows, the couple that generally commutes via the same route, stays together! Sorry, that doesn’t even rhyme.

You tell the app the two most important facts about you — the subway station by your home, and the one by your office — and it’ll find you lovelorn passengers who share your coordinates. You don’t actually need to have your date on the train (and why would you, since any place you’d propose is by definition mutually convenient), but if it goes well, you can continue it on your way to work in the morning, and home in the evening, and work in the morning for the rest of your lives.

Theoretically, at least, I am totally all-aboard with this idea. Your blossoming romance will be so, so easy to get to! You will have so much to talk about, like how your train was late that one time and early that other time! This is basically all anyone talks about on dates anyway, except that now you don’t have to do the whole part about which train you take, because you’re already way past that.

In reality, there are a few issues. One tester points out that in addition to making your location information public, the app shows your precise commuting schedule, so the potential for bad situations is unnerving. So far, though, 2.7 million Chinese singles are risking it, confirming that deep down, all any of us really want is to find love in a hopeless place. Rihanna wrote that song about public transit.

Image via Veer