Disposable 3-D Printed Underwear Have Miraculously Arrived

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When I was just a prepubescent young thang, my sister cautioned me to mainly purchase black underwear. “Why?” I had wondered, immeasurably embarrassed to even be speaking about panties with another human being. “Because it doesn’t matter what they look like, you’re going to period all over them anyway,” my sister proclaimed like a menstrual spirit guide.

Tamicare, a UK-based purveyor of 3-D garments, has taken on the notion of “whatever, you are going to period all over that” for their new product line of disposable panties with a built-in absorption pad. Tamicare underwear are made from a patented fabric, Cosyflex, which is an elastic and non-woven material. Cosyflex is breathable, stretchy, and thin, so women won’t have to feel like they’re wearing an adult diaper while practically wearing an adult diaper. And the 3-D printer can produce the disposable underwear in 3 seconds, which also happens to be the same amount of time a menstruating woman can ruin a pair.

3-D printed period panties might sound oddly futuristic, like something Judy Jetson sports underneath her wide skirt, but is it that much stranger than scrubbing your underwear with cold water and hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom sink while cursing your lady parts?

Image via Veer.