How To Turn Everyone’s Favorite New Game QuizUp Into A Dating App

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In three weeks, iPhone trivia game QuizUp has made itself the fastest-growing app in history, setting a new record by hitting a million users on its eighth day in the App Store. Once you play, it’s easy to see why the game is so popular: it’s simple, fun, and maddeningly addictive. You take quizzes (duh) against strangers or friends in categories like sports, art, literature, movies, music, nature, animals, and so on. The subcategories get incredibly specific, so if you know everything about One Direction, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the Royal Family, interior design, or wine, there’s a category where you can camp out and happily destroy all opponents. Or learn things, I guess. I just like winning.

The average QuizUp user spends 40 minutes a day on the app, which seems staggering until you download it and spend an hour battling some stranger from Arkansas about Game of Thrones. (How am I supposed to know who directed that episode? Rematch!) By signing in with Facebook, QuizUp makes it pretty easy to flirt with people you already know – the app automatically shows you all your Facebook friends who are on QuizUp, and you can challenge them to games or chat with them within the app. The real test is how do you flirt with a stranger on QuizUp, essentially turning the game app into a dating app?

First, find someone to play. By selecting a category and hitting “Play Now,” QuizUp will randomly match you with an opponent. People who have logged in with Facebook will have their profile pictures displayed, and you can see where they’re from – it’s a bit like Tinder that way. There are also discussion boards within each topic, which are ripe for you to scroll through to find fellow fans, and probably a little more efficient than searching through random opponents. For the purposes of this article, let’s say you found a super-babe who is also into 1990s music trivia and lives in your city. Now play them!

Did you win? Did you lose? It doesn’t matter, except to your ego! After you play you’ll come to a results screen, which shows all kinds of stats from your game, and, importantly, their profile picture again. Tapping on it will show you their QuizUp profile, including how many games they’ve played and their favorite topics.

Your next move is a rematch or challenge. I think this is key to QuizUp flirting: showing sustained interest in a game where people usually move quickly from opponent to opponent. If you lost your first game, I would replay them in 1990s music trivia (or whatever it was). If you won, I would explore their favorite topics until you find one where you can maybe hold your own – Arrested Development, perhaps? Then challenge them in that.

Once you’ve played a few games, add them as a friend. This ensures that even if you stray from the game for a few hours, you can still find them again.

Then, the final move: chat. If you’re an online dater, this is probably pretty familiar ground, but if not: say hi, and lead with something you have in common. Luckily you already know this, because you have been (hopefully) destroying them in Arrested Development trivia, and have also seen on their profile that they’re into drinks and architecture. If you’re in the same city, ask where they live: this is not creepy, and you are not asking for their house address, you just have to make sure they don’t live in the Bronx when you live in Red Hook because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Flirting via QuizUp is not for the faint of heart, but the spirit of competition might make you a little bit bolder than you would ordinarily be. With any luck you can school some people with your Hunger Games knowledge, and find someone who wants to make out in the theater while you see Catching Fire for the fifth time.

Image via QuizUp