How to Twitter Flirt in 4 Easy Steps

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Twitter is more than just a platform for self-promotion and witty commentary during televised events: apparently, you can use the social media tool to get a boyfriend! At least, that’s how it worked for eFlirt Expert (and friend of HowAboutWe) Laurie Davis, who recently became engaged to a guy she first started conversing to in 140 characters. (He’s popped up on this site a few times, too.)

Laurie recently spoke to YourTango about the moment she first clapped eyes on that enticingly written Twitter picture.

“Scrolling through this eligible bachelor’s 140-character thoughts, my heart pitter-pattered. He was insightful, witty and a little raw, saying things that not everyone would. And though there was a computer screen between us, I got him.” 

Yep, she got her Twitter crush, and so can you (or at least you can break the ice a little!) Here are 5 eFlirting tips from the expert.

1. Retweet/Reply

“To catch his attention, I retweeted his words of wisdom and blushed when he replied — he was talking to me! Our conversation fizzled quickly, but I had another move up my sleeve…” Laurie told YourTango.

Twitter is an interactive medium: take advantage and retweet/reply your crush’s (no doubt, brilliant) musings. At minimum, they’ll see your little face pop up on their feed, and, well, know you exist. At best, they’ll start replying/retweeting you back.

Of course, ardent retweeting does not a relationship make. And whatever you do, don’t retweet everything, for fear of coming off as a little…maniacal.

2. Follow Friday

Follow Friday is maybe the stupidest internet convention ever (second only to Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday, on Tumblr), but even the most curmudgeonly twitter followers can’t help but be begrudgingly flattered to see themselves on someone else’s list. (Ex: #FF to @scienceguy, who manages to make even microbes sound quippy.) Yeah, it’s silly, but when it comes to flirting, a little flattery never hurt anyone.

3. Direct Message

Taking it to Direct Message is like, the Twitter equivalent of third base. You two are in a private conversation now, this is no off-hand twitter reply! Take advantage and ramp up the flirtatious edge to what you say.

“Bantering via @ is a great way to get noticed and create a bond, but switching to the private DM space will let you get a feel for your crush’s true interest level,” says Laurie.

4. Take it Offline

This is HowAboutWe’s motto for, oh, just about everything. But it’s true! Interacting with someone online — whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, or messaging on an online dating site — is a good ice breaker, but not an accurate way to gauge whether you have chemistry with someone. Metting someone in person is just different, so if you really like someone, work up the courage to suggest an in-person meeting.

After going back and forth on Twitter for a bit, Laurie sent Thomas a DM inviting him for a drink: ballsy, and completely effective.

“We met under the guise of talking business, but the chemistry between us was as sweet as a Hershey’s kiss. He wooed me IRL two years ago, and now, we’re happily engaged.”

And they tweeted happily ever after…

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