Japanese Ladies Are Into Guys With Flip Phones

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Japanese women love dudes with flip-phones, according to a new survey. It seems that old-fashioned gentleman callers — “garakei guys,” as they’re known in Japan — actually get lady-points for refusing to upgrade, RocketNews24 reports. Just because you can’t iMessage them, can’t Words-With-Friends them, and can’t ask them to look up where that restaurant is again doesn’t mean they’re not worth dating — and based on the recent poll, at least some ladies think they might actually be better.

Of the 50 women surveyed (limited budget for flip-phone studies?), eight percent said they found garakei guys “cute,” and 12 percent said the flip phones were evidence that guys “take good care of the things they have.” That means he “values quality over novelty,” according to RocketNews24‘s analysis. “He’s not going to be chasing after every new girl he sees.” Also, he probably won’t spill water on her, or accidentally run her through the washing machine. Even more women — 14 percent — said they thought flip-phone guys were “earnest and honest,” as evidenced by their inability to waste hours Candy Crushing, and dudes with dumb phones were seen as more likely to write “courteous, intelligible emails” than their smartphone peers.

It’s not all good news for flip-phoners, though: 20 percent of women said garakei guys seemed “behind the times,” which, true. But while some ladies were put off by that, even more saw it as a sign of character. A full 26 percent of phone-noticing ladies said that “a man who still uses a garakei is a man who doesn’t let himself get pushed around by the latest fads and trends.” He is a rock. He is a rock without Internet, but a rock nonetheless.