New Video Messages on Stamps Will Add a Big Spark to Your Love Letters

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Long distance relationships are can be really difficult, but thanks to technological advances like Skype and FaceTime, couples separated by distance can virtually communicate face-to-face. Surprising your lover for 100,000 miles can be even more complicated. That’s where Australia Post come in. Australia’s leading mail service have developed “Video Stamps” which allow users to send personal messages to go along with with the packages they send loved ones.

All users have to do┬áis purchase a stamp, download the Video Stamp app, and stick the stamp on their mail. Users then scan the QR-Code on the stamp, record a personal message using a smartphone’s camera, and send! Upon arrival, your loved one will just scan the code using any scanning app and enjoy the massage.

The system is an adorable way of combining technology with traditional stamped love letters, making them even more special.






[h/t Design Taxi]