Online Dating For Pets Is Almost Here

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Cute young girl with her Yorkie puppy

You could meet your partner at “a party,” and you could meet your ideal pet at “an adoption event.” Theoretically. I guess. But how do you know from meeting a girl/cat at a bar/pound if they’re into the same stuff you are, like David Foster Wallace/unravelling spools of yarn?

Since the whole point of online dating is to find adorable people you like, it makes sense that the same phenomenon would work for finding adorable kittens, puppies, and abandoned rabbits. But up until now, you’ve had to make do with sites like Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet, which are basically the pet equivalent of trolling through Craigslist personals: basic stats and blurry body shots. Which, I mean, are you looking for a companion or an accessory here?

So far, there’s been no way to find out the deeper things. What does your potential dog think a lot about? What is he doing on the typical Friday night? What are the six things she can’t do without?  How can you make an 10-year commitment to a Golden Retriever without knowing what that bitch is doing with her life?

Billing itself as the “OkCupid of pet/owner matchmaking”, a new site called AllPaws wants to help you search for long-term companionship based on what matters: size, temperament, energy level, and “whether the animal has been house trained.” Same as OkCupid, basically. It seems like a great idea — if you know you’re looking for a low-key brown Labradoodle, sort the listings accordingly, and don’t waste that anxious gray terrier’s time — though there’s been some concern it makes the experience “something slightly along the lines of a shopping experience.” So, same as OkCupid, basically.

Image via Veer