Silly Eton Thinks Banning Snapchat Will Stop British Schoolboys from Sexting

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Eton College Chapel, Windsor

Your chances of exchanging hot, hot pictures of your genitals with Britain’s best and brightest school boys just got a little bit worse, thanks to a new policy banning Snapchat from Eton College. The all-boys academy, alma mater of great Snapchatters like George Orwell, John Maynard Keynes, and David Cameron, has blocked the photo-sharing app from the campus wifi network after concerns that students were using it for sexting and not to send, I don’t know, ephemeral images of late gothic architecture and Old English Bulldogs.

Not that enterprising Etonians are doomed to drab lives of sexts with words. While the app is indeed officially blocked, headmaster Tony Little acknowledged that “boys can still use it via the 3G phone network,” though he holds out hope that the new policy “will at least make them think twice.” Think twice and then turn off wifi on their phones, but yes, think twice.

Image via Veer