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Stop People From Ruining Your Favorite TV Shows With This Chrome Extension

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The problem with social media is that everyone keeps ruining all your shows. You fall asleep before nine one Sunday night — so sue you — and wake up to find spoilers everywhere (#purplewedding). Does no one else have conflicts? Does no one else fall asleep? Are you doomed to have the joy of surprise zapped from your viewing experience forever just because you maybe got a little dozy that one time?

No. There is a solution, and the solution is brilliant. What you need to do, says Wired, is download a handy little Chrome extension called Silencer. Once it’s installed, you can head over to Twitter or Facebook, and then type in all the words you’re trying to avoid. To save you time — manually entering every possible word in a Mad Men spoiler is a significant undertaking, let me tell you — Silencer provides special “Mute Packs,” which censor all terms related to a show in one fell swoop.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to stick to TV shows. True to its name, Silencer will Silence(r) anything: block updates about Game of Thrones, sure, but that’s just the beginning. Block updates about babies! About taxes! About yoga (namaste)! The world is your oyster. Your blissfully silenced oyster.