Thanks to Amazon, Seattle Is Now One Giant Sausage Party

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There is a problem in Seattle. The problem is that there are no single ladies. And the culprit, according to technologist-writer-activist Jeff Reifman, is Amazon.com.

Headquartered in the Emerald City, the online megastore gets “blamed for a lot of things,” Reifman writes on his blog. “Overworking employees,” for example. Also, “not paying taxes, killing bookstores, cannibalizing the publishing industry and here in Seattle, increasing construction, traffic, and rents.” But there’s one thing missing from the list of common grievances: according to Reifman, Amazon is killing the straight dating scene in Seattle.

The problem of not-enough-ladies-in-tech-cities is hardly new. (See also: San Francisco.) But Amazon’s rapid growth in Seattle has exacerbated the issue, Reifman says. He crunches the numbers: in 2010, there were 119 single dudes for every 100 single women — not a terrible ratio, though not, if you are a single gentleman looking for love, a particularly promising one. Since then, though, Amazon has gone on a global hiring spree, adding 15,026 new employees to their Seattle staff in the last four years. That wouldn’t inherently be a problem, except for this: based on Payscale.com’s estimates, 75 percent of those new employees are male. That means the real 2014 gender breakdown of Seattle? 130 single men for every 100 single ladies. It’s bleak. If straight dudes need a reason (besides all the other reasons) to support women in STEM fields, here is that reason.

Not that the gender breakdown is all bad for everyone. If you’re a single woman in Seattle, for example, the odds are forever in your favor. (The odds are also that you’ll date a tech dude). And so Reifman pleads, if you are a “straight single woman outside of Seattle, this might be a great time to move here. Seriously, please move here.” Don’t even worry about a job. Haven’t you heard? Amazon’s hiring.