There Is Now a Tinder for Shopping: Welcome to Mallzee

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Don’t you wish online shopping was more like online dating, except with more potential for feeling terrible about yourself? Us too!

With Mallzee, a new Tinder-like app, you can cruise for clothes the way you cruise for dates. It’ll show you a selection of eligible garments in your area, and you’ll make snap and probably regrettable judgments by swiping yes or no. But while Tinder expects you to make your choices solo, Mallzee knows that you can’t be trusted to make responsible decisions all by your lonesome. I mean, obviously. Have you seen yourself?

Lucky for you, the app is set up so that your friends, who are all extremely interested in your sartorial choices, can step in to protect you from your own taste. If they approve of your purchase, you’re free to buy. If they don’t, they can block the transaction, making it impossible for you to add another questionably asymmetrical hemline to your wardrobe. Not getting smock-blocked doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck — it just means you have to use Mallzee’s chat feature to make a case for yourself. Or, as founder and CEO Cally Russell puts it, to “have meaningful conversations with the people that matter.” You know, just like you used to do with your friends in person after brunch.

Image via Veer