Faking It

This Girl’s Imaginary Snapchat Boyfriend Is Way Better Than an Actual Human Boyfriend

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Instagram user @meandmyboifriend has figured out the secret to a lasting, blissful relationship: Date a doodle. Using Snapchat, this girl draws up doodles of her “boifriend,” then captures all their happy memories using Snapchat, the temporary messaging app. Seriously — this girl has created the perfect boyfriend. Just look at how great they are together!

They do the dishes together

Omg too presh! #cleansupnice

He regularly surprises her

Ummm how did I get so lucky?? Haha

They watch Game of Thrones together

Sweetie, you're good but not GOT good ... Not when winter is coming!! Hehehe

He knows how to have a good time

Omg we are babies and that tan!! Let's get that back, babe. Liiike, young Devon Sawa much?? #tbt

They go out for coffee dates


They kiss and make up

It's all good. We can't afford the rock I deserve yet anyway ... Plus like, those abs?? #forgiven

And they’re not afraid to get silly in front of a Wawa

We *finally* sync our jump & his eyes are closed and he forget to smile. Ugh #classicus lol

They’re pretty much perfect

this must be how J and Bey feel!

But we’re pretty much all wondering the same thing: does he last longer than 10 seconds?

[h/t Mashable]