Mile-High Club

This New App Will Make It Even Easier to Join the Mile-High Club

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We’ve given you tips before on how to join the Mile High Club, but all that archaic advice is about to be obliterated now that Gabe Whaley created Wingman, an app designed to increase your chances for steamy airplane bathroom hookups. If bathroom hookups, especially on airplanes, are ever actually hot anywhere besides on TV.

Modeled after the popular app Tinder, Wingman allows you to make a profile and browse for hotties on your flight, thus eliminating pesky hindrances like seat proximity that might normally prevent you from making a move. Once you find someone you like, it’s up to you to bust out your best game and charm them into an in-air romp.

Maybe it’s just me, but airplane bathroom sex is like the bottom of the barrel even for established couples. A one-time hookup could get awkward real fast. If you fall in the toilet, your partner-in-crime is not obligated to love you anyway. They are free to look on in horror. Wingman’s target market seems to be traveling businessmen who want to cheat on their wives without having to book a hotel under a fake name. But hey, if joining the Mile-High Club is a personal goal of yours, Wingman could be just the thing to help you cross that particular item off your Bucket List.

Wingman has yet to be released, but you can receive updates on the app’s availability online (“Reserve your seat“). When it is eventually available for personal use, hopefully sometime this spring, you can access it through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that you don’t, you know, crash the plane while you’re trying to reach your cruising altitude.