Would You Share Your Google Location History With Your Partner?

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If you own an Android phone or tablet, know that Google – the world’s foremost purveyor of mysterious curiosities from the Future – is tracking your every move. Unless you choose to opt out, your device is busily transmitting location data back to the Mothership at this very moment. This is how Google Now can provide you with things like smart, intuitive traffic updates.

But at day’s end, all that delicious, barely used information isn’t just tossed in a digital dumpster in a digital back alley somewhere. Google stores it all in the form of a very cool tool: the location history browser, which allows you retrace your steps on any given day in your life with Android. Now, take a deep breath – no panic attacks necessary. You can delete any individual locations you’d rather forget than remember (ahem, eight Taco Bell runs in three days), or clear your history altogether.

What does this mean for couples? On one hand, the location history browser could be deeply divisive. If you’re the jealous type (or if your significant other’s the incredibly sketchy type), the same trust issues that might lead you to creep on someone’s email – which, for the record, is never a good idea – are certainly relevant here. That said, having access to your location history could also be incredibly romantic, like a ready-made scrapbook. Who wouldn’t want to relive a wonderful date geographically, following your path from the restaurant, to the bar, to the gelato place, to the park bench where you had your first kiss?

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