You Can Use Instagram For Sexting Now

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Instagram, previously known for dog pictures, urban sunsets, and well-composed images of last night’s Thai food, has entered the sexting game. Well, technically, they’ve entered the direct messaging game. You know, direct. As in sexually forward.

I mean, you could use it to send secret picture messages of totally G-rated things, like high-security pictures of your baby, your hummus plate, and your trip to the aquarium — that’s what the company wants you to do — but isn’t all that stuff relatively fit for public consumption? Based on the video shown at this morning’s press conference, Instagram Direct, which allows you to share private pics with select groups of up to 15 of your closest Instafriends, is meant for sharing ultra-whimsical road trip moments, but again: is that not what regular Instagram is for?

According to company CEO Kevin Systrom, the feature is definitely not intended to be a sexting platform (“Sexy photos? I just like to send pictures of my dog”), but he’s also not saying you can’t use it for sexting. Instagram policy is that photos don’t get “pulled unless someone flags them as inappropriate,” so as long the recipients of your direct pictures are as excited about your Valencia’d penis as you are, you’re good to go.

Keep in mind, though: this ain’t no Snapchat, and your artfully filtered shots will not disappear into the ether after a few seconds. Your Lo-Fi breasts will live on in the phones of your directly-messaged friends for ever and ever — complete with comments, if there are any — so think before you ’gram. Or at least, choose your filters wisely.

Image via Instagram