College Students Don’t Actually Use Snapchat to Sext Each Other

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A new study from online-marketing agency Sumpto says only 2 percent of college students use Snapchat, the temporary photo-messaging app, to sext. What else on earth could college students want to do with an app that’s specifically designed to delete your potentially compromising pics within a matter of seconds, you ask? According to Sumpto, the only hot bods coeds are into seeing on Snapchat these days are their own.

Of the study’s 1,600 participants, about 50 percent of the men and 70 percent of the women said they use Snapchat to send selfies at least half the time. The majority of those surveyed said they’re actually using Snapchat for “creativity” and “keeping in touch,” neither of which seem like they are mutually exclusive with sexting, but seeing as how all these pics are going to disappear into the ether anyway, we might never know. And, honestly, is that a bad thing?