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Do you remember reading Which Way books as a kid? If you’re unfamiliar, these ‘choose your own adventure’ books let you pick between two options that determines what happens next in the story. A new app, Lovelines (no relation to the old Dr. Drew show) is the romance novella version for ladies. One can expect flirty texts like, “My shirt with panties. Nothing else.”

After signing up, grammatically correct and punctuation fueled hot one-liners will fill the user’s inbox from a fictional character who is tasked with making the user fall in love with him. Multiple choice answers further the scenarios to your liking and I have a feeling this next part is the clincher: the app boasts you’ll never have to wait for his response, unlike in real life.

Lovelines wants users to feel desired, albeit imaginary desire, it might entertain you through a dreary sexless winter. There are three romantic adventures to choose from. Do you find academics irresistible? Marco is a PhD teacher, who’s as into your mind as he is your body. Or if you prefer, Brad is a powerful businessman who can’t stop thinking about you (hint of Fifty Shades maybe). Robbie, the bad boy bank robber not only stole your money but your heart as well.

With the release of Her, the concept of virtual love has been talked about much more lately. Research discussing the prolonged effect of using Lovelines hasn’t come out yet. So maybe don’t give up on living completely; Lovelines doesn’t have in-person delivery option.

[h/t LA Times]