15 Reasons To Find A French Lover

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Since the French account for a huge number of tourists in the US every year, it is your responsibility as an American citizen to act as their tour guide, if the opportunity should arise. At the very least, you’ll put your high school lauguage requirement to good use, but it might turn into something more. Here is why that would be le awesome:

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1. The French are less stressed than Americans, according to studies. And as I’m sure you know, (and science will back you up) that less stress equals more and better sex.

2. The French work less than Americans (about 40% less according to studies), which means more time for your blossoming romance.

3. You will always drink good wine. The French are famous for their wine for a reason.

4. Almost all of them can cook. Good food is more ingrained in French history, culture and tradition.

5. You will picnic with baguettes and cheese. Whether that is something your French lover will actually want to do, or just something you will make your French lover do because you want baguettes and cheese, I won’t say. But the point is: baguettes and cheese.

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6. They are hopelessly romantic – some of the most passionate songs, poems, and novels are French. In case you don’t believe me, watch this.

7. They throw killer Bastille Day parties.

8. If the family lives in France, you will be spared that trial for awhile. And when you do, you can hope and pray it will be at some awesome country castle they own in Normandy.

9. They know what they want and make things happen to get it; when they wanted leadership change, they chopped the heads off their King and Queen.

10. You will discover the best French restaurants in your town, and order all of the right things.

11. That adorable accent!

12. In French the word for “alone” and “lonely” are the same; so dating a French person means lots of happy companionship.

13. The French don’t have a word for “dating,” so you never have to worry about the potential infiniteness of that stage.

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14. They will (eventually) tell you they love you, in French.

15. Finally, probably the most obvious reason to date a French person: you will travel to France together. And you don’t need a reminder about how awesome that is. 

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