‘Humans of New York’ May Have Saved This Couple’s Relationship

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Humans of NY couple standing on 42nd st

As if we needed another reason to love Brandon Stanton’s photo project Humans of New York, it recently proved its worth with an adorable story about a woman named Eika. In a short account submitted to the HONY Facebook page, Eika describes receiving a copy of the Human’s of New York book as a six-year anniversary gift from her boyfriend. Unbeknownst to her, the book features an image of Eika and said boyfriend gazing up at each other on 42nd Street, taken exactly one year ago on the couple’s fifth anniversary.

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, it seems Eika and her boyfriend had been going through a difficult period at the time that Stanton snapped the image. Eika had this to say about finding the picture among the other images in Stanton’s book:

“My mind wandered back to the six months that had preceded this night, which had relentlessly challenged our hearts and nearly broken our bond. It was this night, on our fifth anniversary, that we vowed not to give up; and it was this night that began the start of our greatest year together. I never imagined that I would be staring into this moment again. A moment so fleeting that it had escaped us, lost to the chaos of our times; yet here it is, so beautifully captured and for all the world to see.”

And herein lies the beauty of Humans of New York! It captures moments like these, small moments that are so often lost amid the shuffle of such a busy city. It’s so easy to feel anonymous in New York, but HONY brings stories like Eika’s to the forefront of our attention. Humans of New York, keep on restoring our faith in life and love.