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Photographer Captures His Friends’ Reactions as He Tells Them He’s Terminally Ill

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In the very emotional photo series¬†I Have Something to Tell You, self-taught photographer Adrain Chesser captures the immediate reactions of his friend and family as he tells them individually that he’s been diagnosed with AIDS. The word he feared the most after being tested by a physician brought on an extreme physical reaction, then an emotional one at the thought of having to tell his loved ones.

He wrote on his website, “It occurred to me that it might be possible to overcome this paralyzing fear by photographing my friends as I told them about my diagnosis.”¬†He invited each individual over to be part of a “new project” and after placing them in front of a set he made from his childhood curtains, he started each conversation with the words, “I have something to tell you.”

Each participant’s reaction is unique, based on their personal life experience with illness, loss of loved ones, or death. But the series overall captures a universal experience of unsettling honesty.

Here’s a look at I Have Something to Tell You:









[h/t Feature Shoot]