5 Things Brian Griffin Taught Us About Dating

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Spoiler Alert: Family Guy said goodbye to 8-year-old Brian Griffin this week after he was hit and killed by a speeding car. The beloved talking white Labrador was arguably the smartest member of the Griffin family, passing on tons of knowledge from his Brown University education to his not-so-bright cartoon counterparts.

In addition to his human talents (like speaking, driving, and drinking hard liquor), Brian was also obsessed with human women. He had a number of girlfriends throughout his time on the series, but had a hard time building a lasting relationship – mainly due to poor advice given by Stewie. Regardless, Brian put himself out there, offering plenty of love life lessons for us to learn from.

Take a page from Brian’s book with these five rules for dating today.

1. Learn the language of modern sex.

2. Never date a woman purely for her looks.

3. Take advantage of every situation.

4. Pay attention to her signals.

5. It’s best to leave the past in the past.

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