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Everyone on Twitter Is Eligible for Vh1’s ‘Naked Dating’

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Since February, we’ve been waiting patiently for Naked Dating to hit our TV screens and confirm once and for all that we will literally watch anything (except for anything involving Sean Hayes that is not Will and Grace). Now our wait is over. Vh1 confirms the awkwardly erotic show will be premiering this summer. The series is based off the Netherlands’ hit nude dating show, “Adam Zoekt Eva,” where participants are dropped off on a deserted island with two nude suitors both vying for a second date back on the mainland. The Wrap reports Hollywood is currently being flooded with tons of nude dating pitches after the success of Discovery’s hit Naked and Afraid. As Vh1 prepares to lay claim on the nude love reality show market, they’ve taken to 140 characters to search for the show’s season one contestants.

Multiple talent agencies in various major markets have been reaching out to the users of Twitter, encouraging them to apply for a feature on the show. Twitter user verbz revealed an agency replied to his email with some hard facts on some of the contractual obligations of being on Naked Dating, like $1000 for a week of filming and “All dates take place completely naked.” Whew, so glad we cleared that up. Take a look at some of the Twitter outreach below and hey, if you’re feeling the need to strip down on national television in hopes of earning an esteemed second date with someone you’ve already seen naked – apply.