The Best Couples on Television Right Now

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If you’re anything like me, you’re inclined to watch TV and mostly find couples that drive you absolutely crazy. But sometimes, you just have to put down your arsenal of complaints and appreciate the good things, like these TV couples who give us faith in love, marriage, and commitment. Good relationships do exist out there; they involve compromise and understanding instead of constant pain and emotional breakdowns and they can be just as entertaining and romantic as the ones that make us tear our hair out.

Glen and Maggie on The Walking Dead


Glen and Maggie met on a farm where Maggie’s dad was hoarding legions of zombies in a barn. Their first date was a trip for baby formula that ended with Glen saving Maggie from a walker that was trying to eat her. And their engagement happened after nearly losing each other to the apocalypse. Yet, their love continues to grow (and makes us feel tiny, fluttering butterflies every time they get onscreen). These two understand just how lucky they are to have found each other and they don’t let anything get in the way of their relationship. We should all be so lucky, but, you know, minus the zombies.

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation

Parks & Recreation - Season 5

These two are the anti-Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald from Scandal. Their love was forbidden, their aspirations were political, but they made it work because their obstacle was a bunch of Chris Traeger’s dumb rules and not, oh I don’t know, a spouse who’s continually tossed aside like day-old upper crust. They love every little insane thing about each other: Ben adores Leslie’s zeal for public service and Leslie gets all hot and bothered by Ben’s sexy Elf King habits. They know the importance mac ‘n’ cheese pizza plays in keeping a marriage together, and they still act as lovey as the first time they kissed. Plus, their marriage is wholly in support of Leslie’s career. Like the feminist she is, she keeps her hope-inspiring name: Ms. Knope.

Bob and Linda Belcher of Bob’s Burgers


How can we not love the union of a man who makes delicious, greasy cheeseburgers and a woman who’s sole desire is to be able to sing about everything that happens to her, like she living in a terrible off-off-Broadway play? This couple makes it through Bob’s barely profitable business, their insane children’s constant antics (Louise, alone, is homicidal enough to make even the best parents turn on each other), and the boyish antagonism of Linda’s ex-boyfriends. Their affection rings true in every moment Linda coos “Bobby” like a nagging Long Island mom and each time Bob screams “Linda” because she’s let her outlandish dreams get the family into a scrape yet again. On the surface, they may seem as crude as their animation, but everyone with a heart wants want the Belchers have.

Kristina and Adam Braverman on Parenthood

Parenthood - Season 4

This couple is plagued by problems. They faced Kristina’s cancer diagnosis, Adam’s job loss, and the task of raising a son with Asperger’s, yet they’re just as in love as they day they got married. While their consistent curveballs make them dynamic, they’re never a will-they-or-won’t they couple – even when Adam’s assistant kissed him without his permission a few seasons back. No matter what these two Berkley parents do, they manage to stay in this life together – and they make us cry sweet, beautiful tears every time they do.

Kevin and Jenny MacArthur on The League


Oh, I’m sorry, were you expecting these all to be cutesy, sweet couples? Kevin and Jenny (and their potty-mouthed children) deserve a spot on this list too. These Fantasy Football rivals destroy each other in the titular league while Kevin withstands Jenny’s complaints about his disgusting pee habits and Jenny complains about contracting an STD because Kevin unwittingly pleasured her after eating atomically spicy hot wings (do that math yourself – you’re a big kid now). Still it somehow works for them. While they may not experience harrowing circumstances, the fact that their marriage survives Kevin’s constantly stoned, hare-brained brother Taco is something to applaud in and of itself.