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TV’s Worst Sitcom Boyfriends

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Who doesn’t love to turn off their brain and enjoy a good sitcom? But sometimes, even though you know it’s for pure entertainment and no one in “real life” actually acts the way sitcom characters do, you still get a little annoyed and unnerved when you see certain characters exhibit horrible behavior. Sitcom boyfriends acting terribly is especially awful, because you think, “Well, I’d never put up with that.” So let’s just vent for a bit and talk about TV’s worst sitcom boyfriends. We love them and we love to hate them.

9. Ross Gellar, Friends


Why He’s The Worst: His whining, his creepy flirtations, and his over-gelled hair. And there’s the whole “we were on a break” thing. I get it Ross, you thought you and Rachel were over, but you couldn’t wait at a few days? I do feel bad for him, though – if you watch Friends as an adult, you realize that all of Ross’s “friends” are actually total dicks to him. Still, that hair.

8. Chris Traeger, Parks And Recreation


Why He’s The Worst: Doesn’t know when to back off, uses overwhelming optimism as an excuse, is basically just too fucking positive and way too into health stuff.

7. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother


Why He’s The Worst: He’s still not over his ex-girlfriend (Robin), he’s pretentious (he insists on pronouncing encyclopedia as “encyclo-ped-iah”) and he takes a really, really, really, really long time to tell a story.

6. Andy Bernard, The Office


Why He’s The Worst: Andy is obsessed with his alma mater, throws scary tempter tantrums, has delusions of grandeur, and he’ll take off on his boat at a moment’s notice and forget about you. And he’ll refer to it all as “the good old days.”

5. Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock


Why He’s The Worst: Pompous, bad at serious commitments, chases after women way younger than he is, and above all, doesn’t appreciate working on a good night cheese.

4. Schmidt, New Girl


Why He’s The Worst: Schmidt takes “douche” to a whole new level. He dated two women at once, without their knowledge, essentially cheating twice at the same time. He’s narcissistic, runs away from confrontation, and is proud of being a Sagittarius.

3. Dennis Reynolds, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.


Why He’s The Worst: He has a system (the D.EN.N.I.S. System) for picking up and dumping women in the most psychologically effed up way possible, he’s either a psychopath or sociopath (unclear), and finally, because of the implication.

2. George Costanza, Seinfeld


Why He’s The Worst: He’s selfish and lazy, has an annoying answering machine message, and will let you die if it saves him money. And then he’ll hit on Marissa Tomei the day of your funeral.

1. Mr. Big, Sex and the City


Why He’s The Worst: Where to begin with this guy? Essays have been written about the Carrie/Big relationship since the show began in 1998. Let’s try to sum this up: he’s selfish, maybe more so than even the other characters on this show. He can’t commit, but strings Carrie along until he gets tired of her, and then marries someone half his age. Then he gets tired of his wife, and has an affair with Carrie. When Carrie leaves him and tries to move on with her life, he won’t let her go. Then he has a heart attack and she plays nurse and he comes to an epiphany that they’re meant to be together and then the next day, takes it all back. In the movie, they wind up getting engaged, and he leaves her at the altar. Yet despite everything, she still marries him. She’s just as bad as he is, but since we’re focusing on boyfriends, I’m giving Big his chance to shine.