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Fall, is that you? Don’t get us wrong — summer is great. We love the pool, the beach, the sun, and the countless excuses as to why we’re sipping margaritas before 5 o’clock. However, around this time every year, we get the itch for fall to start. We’ve suffered through the intense heat and can’t imagine much more! With cooler temps and seasonal lattes on the mind, here are our top 5 reasons we’re ready to date this fall.

1. Summer flings are so last season.

Bikinis and board shorts usually stir up feelings of heated attraction. We love summer flings for what they are, but the fall season brings the feeling of a real, long-lasting relationship that goes on far past a summer fling. Autumn carries with it the possibility of something more serious.

2. Hot coffee dates.

Warm weather = cold coffee, which we love, but when fall comes around, we’re gleaming with excitement to welcome delicious hot coffee back into our diets and our dating lives. There’s just something about meeting for a coffee date that is magically romantic.

3. New outfit options.

At this point, we’ve exhausted the majority of our closet. We’re ready for light layers, cozy scarves, adorable booties and oversized sweaters. It’s time to cover up those toes and bust out the turtlenecks — besides, they say showing less says more!

4. Different outdoor dates.

When it gets too hot to even breathe outside, dates tend to be pretty routine (i.e. inside a cool place, avoiding the outdoors). Fall brings with it cooler temperatures and the chance to do more outdoors. Evening walks and weekend picnics, brewery or winery tours, or even just enjoying the weather outside on a patio.

5. New season means new everything.

Who isn’t excited when seasons change?! New temperatures, new clothes, new fall menus, new opportunities, new everything! We’re ready to see the leaves change colors and to find that special someone to cozy up with. Fall, get here fast!