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Yeah, look. I really do hate to break it to you, but a new study has revealed that suffering from a broken heart literally has the potential to kill you.

In Denmark, a bunch of (somewhat morbid) researchers at Aarhus University studied nearly one million participants between 1995 and 2015 to determine the link between heartbreak and death (that is a lot of broken hearts). Sadly, it seems that those who truly suffer from a broken heart are those who have lost a partner to death, not because they ended the relationship. The risk of death is highest eight to 14 days after a partner has passed away, gradually declining as time passes.

It turns out the likelihood of developing an irregular heartbeat is much higher if you are grieving a loved partner, which is where the idea of dying from a broken heart originates. Typically associated with older people, according to the study the risk is just as common in people under 60, who were more than twice as likely to experience severe difficulties after losing a partner, particularly if the loss was sudden.


h/t Stylecaster.