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GUYS! Get your travel on. A recent survey conducted by YouGov has provided the ultimate insight into millennial wanderlust, while one survey orchestrated by TopDeck Travel reported that 1 in 11 postgraduate millennials have met their significant other while traveling abroad.

The YouGov survey polled over 1000 Americans from the age of 18 – 34, revealing how a desire to stray from their technologically driven lives contributes to their innate need to travel. Apparently, the reason we all go nuts for overseas adventures is because we are looking for alternative dating options that offer authentic, in-person chemistry in different environments.

It seems that for those who have caught the travel bug, 37% are willing to give up dating in order to save money. Surprisingly, it was men who were least likely to do so! 41% of women would be willing to sacrifice their dating life to jet set, while only 32% of men would do the same. It seems that men are all about that holiday romance, with TopDeck Travel also reporting that 1 in 8 millennial men hope to find their counterpart while travelling. Cute!