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This. Is. No. Joke.

As reported by Broadly, a study conducted by Suzanne Swan in the Psychology of Violence journal found that 462 of 6000 students surveyed (8%) from three college campuses in the U.S., have had their drinks spiked before.

Swan is a women’s studies professor at the University of South Carolina, and had the idea one day to ask her class how many had experienced drink spiking – a third of her class raised their hands. “I had no idea that [drink spiking] was happening until students started bringing it up from time to time,” she told Broadly. “Since there’s hardly any research in this area, I decided to get some data and figure out what was going on.”

Whether it is Roofies, Xanax or some other substance, all had experience with spiking, and of those 462 college students 16.8% were women who stated they had had “unwanted sex” afterwards.

According to Cosmopolitan, 26% of the men involved cited reasons like “to be funny and see what happens,” or “to ‘spice up’ my night; to make it more fun,” or, in a sexual context, “because I’m a very sexy man.” This isn’t to say men haven’t experienced drink spiking, but in this study a comparative 50 women had been drugged for sexual reasons, compared to seven men.

The answer, here? Watch your drink. Be smart. Be safe! And always venture out drinking with a buddy, just in case.