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Everyone wishes they knew the secret to happiness. Just in time for International Happiness Day, is claiming to have found it! By pulling from their data from ‘Singles In America’, they have uncovered some truths about how singles lead a happy life.

Step 1: Move to Texas’

Singles who live in El Paso, Texas are apparently the most joyful singles in the country! This happy town is followed by San Antonio, Miami, Austin and Fort Worth. Clear eyes, full hearts – Texas forever, y’all.


Step 2: Go out!

Single people who go out at least six nights a week are happier! On top of this, 536% are more likely to be happier than those that don’t go out at all. Don’t mope at home! Get out, meet new people, and enjoy single life!


Step 3: Have sex daily

This one is not so surprising. Singles who have sex daily are 187% more likely to be happy than those who have sex weekly. You’re better to opt for a friends with benefits than a stranger, however, as each one night stand a year decreases your happiness by 14% (for women) and 6% (for men).

So go on, get your happy on! All you have to do is move to Texas, have sex on a daily basis, and party nearly every night each week. Single life sounds VERY JOYFUL!