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If you call someone a friend of yours you assume they think of you as a friend also, right? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is (sadly) not so. A new study published by PLOS ONE has revealed that friendships are rarely completely mutual.


The study was conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University, who surveyed various students in the United States, Israel and Europe, navigating their individual friendship dynamics. Of the people surveyed, only 50% of those they called friends felt the same way… OMG.


How do you know if you are really reciprocal friends? The authors revealed that if you have a lot of mutual friends then the chances are much higher. Further, if someone has a lot more friends than you, they are probably less likely to consider you a friend.

Saaaaaaad! At the end of the (hump) day, your real friends will make a considerable effort to be in your life – you know who they are!


h/t Refinery29.