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It turns out, your dog is your key to a date! A recent study conducted by Penn Schoen Berland on behalf of Purina has uncovered that your pup will give you the ultimate icebreaker, with over 50% of people saying they have found pets to be beneficial in sparking conversation and maintaining a connection.

With 63% of people more likely to date someone who has a pet, owning one can help boost confidence by acting as a natural barrier breaker. A further 88% believe dogs are great to help meet people, and a further 1 out of 3 men surveyed agreed that single pet owners have a greater chance of getting a date on Valentine’s Day.

“Not only do dogs serve as great conversation starters, but research has shown that they can help release ‘feel good’ hormones in humans, including elevated levels of oxytocin, aka the ‘ love hormone,” said Purina veterinarian Dr. Zara Boland.  “Whether it’s making friendly conversation or taking the first step in finding long-lasting love, pets create wonderful opportunities for people to connect on a vast spectrum of different levels.”

So what are you waiting for – go out and snag a pup ASAP! And if your dog needs a date? Get onto to Sniffr… It’s a dog-meet-dog world.

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