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Most evenings after dinner and before lights out, my room-wife *new term – defined as written* and I sit on the couch and conduct an hour of swiping power. This pow-wow consists of navigating the app-tastic party happening on our phones – we swipe until we are all swiped out, usually ending in a few ego-boosting matches and a conversation about the battlefield that is online dating in New York City.

Remember the days where you would go to a bar and catch someones eye? It was all sexy and smooth sailing. The modern dating diary is now characterized by the ever-green, digital app-osphere… and I, for one, am finding the process lack of the magic.

Looking for a partner? It has never been easier, and it has never been more difficult – your options are endless. The key is uncovering the dating app that defines what sort of date you’re looking for – in which every single has a different opinion. Tinder-tyrant? You’re looking for sex (no point denying it). If you’re on Hinge, you’re playing it pretty safe with people in your bubble –, you’re looking for the real deal. HowAboutWe is all about the date itself (‘HowAboutWe eat oysters and drink wine?’), and OkCupid is all about the date themselves. Happen? Welcome to the beautiful promotion of glorified stalking, people. Ultimately, if you connect with someone online – you know pretty much everything you need to know before you sit down and meet face to face.

My question is this – what has happened to the intrigue of the unknown? Finding a love who matches your individual interests and appeal is now more like ticking online boxes then catching an eye across a crowded room, or writing your number on a napkin. Accepting a date with someone and having absolutely no idea what their story is? Completely unheard of!

This February, I am challenging myself (and my room-wife) to revisit the romance. Enter February Fridays: in which each Friday throughout the month of February, we will go out and try and meet someone naturally, i.e. no digital frills attached.

Watch this non-digital-dating space.