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From the hilarious Burrit-OH! to the long term eHarmony, there are so many different dating apps for singles (and even friendships) out there nowadays. It is about time one popped up on our radar for the couples! Welcome, Happy Couple.

Once you start dating someone exclusively (hopefully for their sake) your dating apps are deleted off your phone. The swipe generation should have Happy Couple ready to roll once they enter a relationship – it is designed specifically to foster and deepen your connection with your partner.

A cute, flirty way to deepen your connection, Happy Couple is a quiz-based app. It features 1200 fun Q&A’s for you and your SO, and each time you play you answer questions about each other that you can both comment on. Of all the quizzes, each user is presented with five questions per day and awarded points for correct answers. While allowing you to move ‘up the ranks’ as a couple, the app also includes relationship tips based on various age and personality types, and ideas for activities couples can do together to deepen their relationship.

Singles keep in mind, although you need to replace your dating apps with something once you become a duo – be careful not to download Happy Couple in the early days – you may really freak the other person out!