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Find Out How This Japanese Blogger Is Faking Kissing Selfies

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Taking photographs of yourself kissing is so hard! For example, the angles. And also, you need a partner. You can’t be the kissing envy of all your Instagram friends without a partner to co-star in all your hot kissing pics. Except that apparently, you can.

Thanks to an ingenious Japanese blogger named Keisuke Jinushi, there is now a “foolproof technique” for makin’ it look like you’ve got a kissing partner when you don’t. And Jinushi has proven he knows how to do this stuff — last summer, he did a different series of faux-romantic “girlfriend hand” selfies, where he used his own well-placed, well-manicured hand to make it look like he had an adorable lady-friend just off camera. The fake-kissing pictures are a logical extension of his ourvre, really. And why shouldn’t they be? Dude is onto something.


RocketNews24 breaks down his process, because that’s the best part of a fake Instagram selfie-girlfriend: anyone can have one. You need a wig — obviously. The wig will be your fake-girlfriend’s head, so choose carefully. A manicure is important, too, so you can make it look like your hands are her hands and then touch your face affectionately, like this:


Supposedly, putting foundation on your hands to even out your skin color will help your mitts look more feminine. I don’t know — the ladies, I guess, have very tonally consistent hands. I trust Jinushi here, because:


And while not everyone has Jinushi’s passion for fake passion — cradling fake hair in public is not for the easily embarrassed — the self-professed loner and kissing enthusiast is convinced that his selfie technique could be a major step forward for affection across the globe. “We humans have constructed high walls when it comes to kissing,” he says. “But now those walls have crumbled. The world will be a brighter place. I truly believe that the world will head towards peace if we focus more on kissing.” One small step for selfies, one giant leap for mankind.

[h/t RocketNews24]